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Did you know:

1.    Carolyn has been on scuba dives in the Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, and Fiji.
2.    Travel is Carolyn’s greatest passion.  She has set foot on all seven continents…yes, even Antarctica.
3.    Reading books is her second favorite pastime.
4.    Carolyn was the lead singer in a blues band for seven years.
5.    Her first published book was an award winning nonfiction manuscript on marketing.
6.    Carolyn, once had a baby gray whale put his fin in her lap while in a row boat.
7.    She has camped in a tent at over 18,000 feet at the base of Mt. Everest.
8.    Carolyn has visited 54 of the 60 national parks in America, Virgin Islands & American Samoa.
9.    She is ‘dog mom’ to Rocky Raccoon, a very cute black & white Havenese Bichon.
10.    Carolyn worked as a graphic designer for many years, before turning to the written word.


A Medium sized biped purportedly a native of the California Central Coast, although some sightings put it as far East as Maine.  Sightings most often occur at cafes where it is frequently seen painting with a travel watercolor set.  It is believed coffee and cookies are its primary diet. A scavenger by nature, it is often reported painting cafe goers too slow to move out of the way.  The bulk of its work, however seems to be depictions of science-fiction and fantasy imagery. While it has been reported in sightings by many reputable sources, no live evidence has ever been taken for study.  It is unknown if William G. Silva is just another cryptozoological hoax, nerdy art student or a figment of the collective conscious.

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