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Oceans are an essential part of our earth’s eco-systems.  We will not survive without them.

Take the pledge
I promise to do everything I can to protect our oceans and sea life.

Things you can do to help save our oceans

1.    Pick up any trash you find on our beaches and put in a proper receptacle.
2.    Clean up any trash you find along and in our rivers.
3.    Always dispense of your garbage in a recycling bin or trash bin.
4.    Never spill any toxic liquids into any body of water.
5.    Use a Coraball micro-fiber filter when washing your clothes.
6.    Call a local park ranger if you find any injured or tangled sea creature.
7.    Never feed any sea animal or bird human food.
8.    Try to buy non-plastic products when possible.
9.    Tread lightly when walking on or near coral reefs.
10.    Do not remove any sea creature or plant from its natural environment.

Together we can make a difference.

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