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One Big Ball of Lint

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Recently I came across a new product called Coraball. It is a cute little plastic ball you put in with your clothes when you wash them. Thousands of microfibers sluff off our clothes as they are being washed. These microfibers then enter into the public water systems, which many times end up in the oceans. This is highly determental to marine animals and coral reefs. The Coraball is designed to grab these minuscule fibers so you can easily remove them and dispose of them in the trash.

I just started using a Coraball and have high hopes it will perform as promised. It is a small effort to protect our waterways that could bring about tremendous results. If you are interested check it out on

Well, the verdict is still out on this funny looking ball. I have washed about 10 loads of laundry with it and still have not found any lint that was captured. The instructions said it could take awhile. I'll keep trying.

Okay, I have been washing my clothes with the Coraball for 3 months now. My clothes must be very plastic-free, because I have only found a few fibers in the ball during that time. It does pick up loose threads, however. At least, those are not going down the drain. I will continue to use it, because it may help and it certainly doesn't hurt anything.

Isn't it cute?

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