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Welcome to the

Water Woozle World!

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A Water Woozle Adventure. Deep in a tropical ocean the Kingdom of Zzzzz is in turmoil. Zaqua, a young water woozle has been summoned by King Zanzar to find the king's missing daughter, Zuna and a precious black pearl. The task proves most difficult due to marauding pirates and a black ooze that is threatening their seamount. Zaqua learns of Four Brothers who can help him complete his mission First he must find out who and where they are.



A new Water Woozle Adventure!

The excitement and perils never end! An endangered punk turtle on the run! A tropical island village invaded by plastic flotsam and jetsam. Garbage in the sea! A bottle-nosed dolphin abandoned and trapped in a

fishing net!  


OR, are they the real prey in some evil game?

Dive in for another exciting water woozle adventure!

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