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How Could This Happen?

Yesterday, in my home town, 25,000 pounds of raw sewage leaked into a small creek that flows out to the ocean. There is no way to stop it. There is no way to effectively clean it up. They have closed off the beach area around the creek drainage. It will still flow into the ocean. The authorities only seem to be concerned with human health from the incident. What about all the river plants and creatures? What about the marine animals and plants? This creek empties into one of the most beautiful bays along the California coast. There are otters, sea lions, dolphins, whales and numerous species of fish that swim the area. There are seaweed, corals and shellfish that hug the coastline. How will they be effected by this spillage? As humans we have to do better than this.

Ask yourself, Is our world worth fighting for? Are our oceans worth fighting for? Earth Day 2020 is coming in April. It will be the 50th anniversary! Will you take to the streets to save our planet?

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